When Detail-Oriented Means More

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You could say that Glenn Robertson is the ideal Timberpeg Independent Representative simply because he’s completed more than 12 Timberpeg projects in the last few years – six in the last year alone.

Glenwyn Moose
Or you could say it’s because of the awards and national exposure his high-profile projects tend to get.  But take just five minutes to talk with Glenn and you’ll quickly realize that these facts are merely the products of his talent.  What really makes Glenn an ideal Timberpeg Independent Representative is his straightforward, unabashed respect for hands-on, custom timber frame building.

“He exudes confidence in what he’s doing,” says Timberpeg Regional Manager Dana Miller.  “There’s a certain resonance in his voice that assures people that things are going to happen just the way they want.”

Glenn and his partner, Ron Smith, started Smith & Robertson Custom Builders in 1976, and they knew from the start they had a passion for Post & Beam.  In the 1980s, they were hired to build a Timberpeg and it was a happy introduction for everyone.  “We were blown away,” explains Glenn emphatically.  “By the design, the materials, the joinery and every little detail.”  The small company went so far as to build its own Timberpeg spec house, but the reception in their Charlottesville, Virginia, area at that time was still cool toward the Post & Beam structures.  It wasn’t until 1995 that Glenn, joined by his wife, Laura, renewed his association with Timberpeg in full force.

Laura and Glenn“Laura is a real estate agent, so she has a keen sense of the area.  Together they make a great team,” says Dana.  Glenn praises Timberpeg for the way it helps him deliver to his customers.

“When customers come to me to build homes, they are essentially looking to build dreams.  Timberpeg is an extremely well-designed product, and that quality and value speaks volumes.”

As with any building project, the process of creating a home is truly a collaboration.  “And Glenn,” explains Laura, “really helps his clients feel like they have been heard.  He truly believes in the product, and people hear that in his voice.”  Glenn often works with local architects and recognizes the strength they bring to his project designs.  “Glenn is determined to make things work out, and he’ll involve whoever he needs to do that,” adds Dana.

Twin Feathers“We’ve been fortunate to work with enthusiastic, highly involved people,” explains Glenn.  “Sure, every project is going to have it’s natural ups and downs, but the people who choose to build Timberpegs seem to be positive, thoughtful types who enjoy the process.”

Such was their enthusiasm that Glenn and Laura decided to build their own Timberpeg two years ago.  “It’s amazing to see how people respond when they walk inside our home.  Timberpeg has that effect on people,” says Laura.

In his own style and way, Glenn has captured the mission behind Timberpeg’s brand.  He has high standards for quality, fine details and hard work, and the ultimate product is immeasurably beautiful simply because he understands and appreciates all that goes into it.

Excerpt from the Winter/Spring 2001 newsletter for Timberpeg; reprinted with permission.

Detail Oriented Newsletter 2001


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Glenn Robertson builds great custom homes. He has a unique ability to assist his client achieve a dream home through accomplished design process, excellent listening skills, effective project management and environmental stewardship.

Fred & Lisa | Nellysford, VA

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