Rave Reviews: Bob | Barboursville, VA

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With every day in which I live in this magnificent house that you built for us, I appreciate more the care that went into its building.

Usually, over time, one becomes increasingly aware of all the flaws - of all the corners that were cut in the construction. Not so with this house. The craftsmanship of the house is, in my experience, unsurpassed, and the materials used were of the highest quality. It's rare, these days, to encounter this level of workmanship, and so I and my family thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for disproving that old saw that "They don't build 'm the way they used to."

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I was attracted to timber frame because there was something old and English about the exposed frame. Not rustic, but medieval looking . . . but I had never been in one.

John & Jeannine | Esmont, VA

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