Portfolio: Twin Feathers

« Go Back        Designed by: Smith & Robertson in collaboration with Timberpeg | 1999 | Free Union, VA

This collaboration with Timberpeg and the owners resulted in an enchanting country home with covered front and side porches, as well as an irresistible screened porch with fireplace off the eat-in kitchen.

Due to site constraints, the master bedroom was moved to the second floor, along with two guest bedrooms. This allowed for each bedroom to have exposed vaulted timber frame ceilings.

The main level has 10’ ceilings, transom style windows in the dining room, and a private office and bath that can double as a guest suite. The house is all Timberpeg Douglas fir construction with the exception of the mudroom/pantry that connects to the three-car garage.

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Testimonial: Jim & Karen

The whole process was exhilarating. What we experience now, in our new home, is the satisfaction of successful construction and successful relationships.

It all started as a dream. "My grandparents had a stream on their property with mature woods," recalls Jim Lansing. "The home had a huge fireplace and high vaulted ceilings with 16' wide porches everywhere. It was a girls camp converted to a home." Karen climbed trees as a child, and poured through favorite picture books. The cottages in the illustrations, in the woods with stone and wood and flowers, captured her imagination. When Jim and Karen Lansing came to Charlottesville, their fantasies of a dream home merged.

As Jim and Karen trudged through Albemarle County looking for their dream home, the idea emerged that they wanted a newly constructed home, but they didn't want it to feel like a new home. They wanted it to have a soul, a timelessness, yet all the new quality features they have come to expect. They voiced these images and dreams that were fundamentally important to have as a place to live. Their love and commitment to nature resonated in every way. Jim and Karen found the perfect piece of land.

Once they had the property, they opened their imagination, and began working on the concept. They scoured planbooks and magazines. "And then we found the picture," Karen beams. It was an exterior shot of a storybook cottage.

Karen and Jim brought the photo to their builder, Glenn Robertson of Smith & Robertson Inc. With a hard definition of the exterior, the program took shape, and Glenn took control.

"Glenn was a good listener. To achieve some of our fundamental goals -- it had to be a post & beam. It was so important to the whole process that we all be good listeners. It's what helped us achieve our dream." The warmth, the character, the quality the Lansings were looking for, all translated into Timberpeg.

"Building a house is more than constructing a home. The quality of all the people involved in the construction, the individuals who touched it all, make such a difference. They did more than hammer and saw, they related to us," remembers Jim, looking around his exquisitely crafted home.

"I think they had fun working on this house," says Karen. "The pride of the whole group has been so important to us, and to the success of this house. This is a fantasy house."

"It's not so much we built a Timberpeg -- we built a post & beam. It's a more natural home. It fits nature better," says Jim. "I feel like I'm living in a treehouse," says Karen with a smile. "We like the people who build post & beam. We're a special breed of people."

"Timberpeg comes closer to complementing nature. It fits the surroundings better. Other construction seems to have more of a man's idea, and less of natures," say the nature-loving Lansings.